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 Colour ranges

How can I use a colour range not included in the software?

The Platinum version of the software can handle an unlimited number of colour ranges. All that is needed is a new colour range file for the manufacturer you want to use. There are two ways to get this:

Submit a colour chart to DP Software in the UK

If you have a shade card which is made from the real thread or a skein of each colour in the range, you can send it in to us in the UK for measuring. We will be happy to return this to you on request. We measure each colour with a spectrophotometer to ensure correct colour matching. We will then make available for downlaod the new colour file. Please note that the colour file will be made available to all users.

We can measure solid colours and colours which change over the length of the thread. Threads which are blends of multiple colours cannot be measured as the measuring device needs a patch of a single colour to measure.

Create your own colour range

By using the colour range editor, you can create your own colour range. You will need to mix a colour that represents each thread colour and type in the colour number and optionaly colour name.

Normally it is better to send in a shade card because we have the instrument to measure the colours accurately and this is almost impossible to do by eye.

Once you have registered the software, all colour range updates are free for life - even if you don't subscribe to future program updates.

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