Updated DMC Tapestry colours

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Updated DMC Tapestry colours

Postby DPSoftware » Sat Mar 03, 2012 2:05 pm

The colour range for DMC Tapestry wools has been updated to remove discontinued colours. Anyone using DMC tapestry wools should update by visiting the registered users page. You need to download and run the dmctap.exe file to install the updated range.

To update an existing design, you can choose "match colours" from the palette menu. Any colour no longer in the range will be replaced by the nearest match. In case you already had the new colour in your design, you may need to consider modifying your design so that you maintain a difference in those 2 colours.

For those that are passed the 2 years of free updates and do not wish to pay for additional years access, there will shortly be a free colour range update area. You will still need to be a registered user with a valid serial number that has not been part of a fraudulent purchase, unpaid invoice or been uploaded to a file sharing service or is in regular use on too many machines.

The new free colour updates area will be announced here when it is active. You will also be able to find it by logging into your account at www.dpsoftware.com/register
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