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Change of download vendor

PostPosted: Sun Sep 02, 2018 11:24 am
by DPSoftware
The SWREG Softshop service is closing and so download purchases have moved to MyCommerce.

Since both services are run by Digital River, most of the old links are directed to the new service.

The affect is as follows:

If you have a current subscription paid by PayPal, future payments will continue as normal. If in the future this facility is discontinued, you will be able to re-subscribe at no price disadvantage on the new service however we hope that it will be possible to transfer the subscription automatically.
If you have a current subscription paid by credit or debit card, it will be transferred to the new service and no action is required. The next payment will happen on the MyCommerce system.

All new orders will be processed on the MyCommerce system regardless of the method of payment.