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New versions

Postby DPSoftware » Sun Apr 08, 2018 1:54 am

I know some of those who have automatic update checking will already have found the Windows version update but I wanted to wait until the Mac version was also released before making the announcement.

The latest version adds Diamond painting to the crafts that have a realistic display. For those not familiar with the new craft, it is where resin "Diamonds" are placed on an adhesive canvas to form a picture. They have facets like real diamonds and so reflect the light. As they are available in DMC colours, you can use an existing cross stitch design. They can be counted using a pre-printed plain grid or the grid can be printed in symbol/colour mode directly to the canvas. Double sided adhesive is most often used over the entire design but it is also possible to use glue as you work.

The program adds print scale options for diamond painting so that they are printed at life size (2.5mm or 2.8mm grid). There is also an option to print circle in place of the grid for use with round "diamonds". When using the round type, the colour of each square shows in the gaps. Square types give full coverage.

Ensure for diamond painting that you use the pre-2017 version of the DMC range since the new colours from November are not available. If not listed in your version, it is available from the colour range update page for all registered users.

Also in the new versions is full support for double byte characters in the text objects. This allows things like Chinese characters to be created with text to stitches. Just use google translate to tranlate your word into Chinese and then paste the translation into the text to stitches tool.

Windows and Mac versions can read/write each others files as long as the versions are kept up to date.

A lot of preparation work has been done for the move to 64-bit versions. Although this doesn't show up yet, it does mean there wont be a large amount of work to do as the operating system manufacturers announce that 32-bit programs are being dropped. Apple already announced that the next version of OS X will start to warn users running 32-bit software packages.

There will be a Linux 64-bit version shortly. It is already running and just needs some tidying up plus testing on more varieties of Linux. There are no plans for a 32-bit Linux version. The Linux version is almost exactly the same as the Mac version in look and function but does not have a pdf export built in.

Apple already made 32-bit iPad obsolete so the first iPad version will be 64-bit. I am still working on the touch interface for this as a lot needs to change in the way the user interacts with the controls. It is also not certain which way Apple is going with the ios oeprating system.

A substantial investment has been made in an enterprise level compiler and update contract in order to ensure the best level of software over the widest possible range of operating systems for the coming years. These are changing times for software with the possibility of 32-bit becoming obsolete, Mac and iPad could be merging and Apple may be moving to their own processors. Then we have the Windows store and versions of Windows that will not run programs that didn't come from the store.

So I just want to assure those with an investment in Cross Stitch Pro that it is being actively developed and expanded. The aim is to have versions for all the popular operating systems so you can switch platforms and retain all your designs. This will also enable us to have free pattern readers for all the platforms and so increase the market for digital delivery of patterns produced with cross stitch pro.
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