Recommended updates

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Recommended updates

Postby DPSoftware » Tue Feb 20, 2018 5:14 pm

There have been a few updates for Windows and Mac versions is the past few days so those within the free update period or with update subscriptions should check for updates from the Help menu of the program.

The Mac version in particular needs the latest update to be fully functional with OS X High Sierra. Without it any popup menus will close instantly. It also gets fixes for the colour picker which caused crashes is some situations and printing/exporting of half cross. The keyboard letter "I" is also a shortcut for the eyedropper as in the Windows version.

Windows version also gets French language - suggestions for improvements welcome. Also fixes for symbol dialog when sorted by intensity, saving state of magic 3/4 tools, greying out of machine output settings not relevant for the current design, adding colour separation in symbol mode to publisher version and a selectable gap between blocks. Some systems could crash on scrolling which seems to be a Windows/compiler problem but has been worked around.

The most significant Windows version change is the adding of file recovery if Windows shuts down with unsaved work. The open designs will be saved to temporary files and recovery offered when the program restarts. This has become important now that Windows closes applications and restarts itself without permission for updates. Currently the designs must have a unique filename for this to work - so try not to have lots of Noname designs. The next update will extend this to "Noname" designs. Recovered designs open without names so there is no chance of saving over a better version by accident. Make sure you save any recovered design you want to keep.
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