New DMC colours

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New DMC colours

Postby DPSoftware » Mon Oct 16, 2017 1:56 am

DMC have released 35 new colours of stranded cotton (numbers 1-35). The colour range updates for Cross Stitch Professional Platinum are now available on the registered users page by following the link to the colours in the blue box. The threads are difficult to obtain at the moment so you might want to delay installation until you are able to obtain them.

Colour range updates only require that you have a registered serial number - you do not need to have an update subscription. You can get access using your original registration ID/Password here:

If you have not regsistered yet, you can do so at

There are 3 versions of the DMC range. The first contains the colours that are available worldwide. The second has the additional 6 colours that are available in USA but not Europe. The 3rd also has the special edition colours that were released in special packs in the USA. They can all be installed togther if you want to be able to choose. The ranges you end up with are DMC, DMC_USA and DMC_USA_PLUS respectively.

The standard DMC range uses the colour names most often found in Europe. The other versions use the names most often found in USA. Note that DMC only refer to colours by number so you may find several different versions of the colour names. I could not find any European English names for the new colours so all ranges use the USA names for the 35 new colours.

Note that if you have modified the DMC range to produce your own user range of the same name, you will need to delete or rename your user range before you will see the master updated range. User ranges are normally stored here:
c:\users\your_user_name\AppData\Local\DP Software\XSPPlat\colours
(AppData is normally a hidden folder so ensure you are displaying hidden folders if trying to find it outside the cross stitch software)

If you have no user range called DMC then you will get the master installed DMC range.

If you have multiple users on your system then each will need to make the changes to their own colour folder.

The new colours will be made available to older software versions soon. There were more restrictions with these older versions so it will take longer to make compatible files.
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