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New Cross Stitch Platinum update

PostPosted: Mon Aug 15, 2011 11:16 pm
by DPSoftware
Just uploaded to the updates website is a new update to Cross Stitch Professional patinum.

THis version solves the problem which happened when clicking the save button before the previous save was completed - something which could happen if you double clicked the icon by mistake but is unlikely to occur otherwise.

The Browse command on the file menu has previously been able to select multipe design files and then set some design elements like fabric style and colour in a single operation. Now more elememts like designers name and tite have been added.

The preview window is now set to stay on top of other windows so it cannot get lost behind if you switch between programs.

While changing symbols you can now view the colours in intensity order without changing the actual palette order.

A new pen type has been added to the pen width drop down list box. The 3rd pen type allows you to select 2 colours at once in the same way as dual colour stitches. A left click adds a stitch of the primary colour and a right click adds stitches of the secondary colour. Using the eyedropper tool you can pick up the second colour with a right mouse click.

Colour swapping now works with petit-point stitches.

Corrected some problems with PC-Stitch design loading.