Telephone numbers

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Telephone numbers

Postby DPSoftware » Fri Oct 22, 2010 12:01 am

Tonights BBC TV program "Watchdog" pointed out that 0845 telephone numbers are now costing people more to call than standard numbers. So here are all our numbers that you can reach us on:

01454 612598 (a standard rate UK geographical number included in most call plans in the UK)

0845 345 2420 (our original UK number which rings the same phone - now more expensive to call but it does redirect to my personal mobile (cell) at no additional cost if the original phone is not answered)

1 (940) 560-7245 (my US cell phone) Please note although I have a US cell phone, I still keep UK time so that means mornings only USA time.

In response to the program, I would like to make it clear that DP Software does not nor has ever made any money from incoming calls to the 0845 number and in fact we used to pay for incoming calls. The 0845 numbers were originaly released to provide a number that only cost a local call from anywhere in the UK. At that time, we had local calls and long distance calls so calling an 0845 was a lower cost option for most people. Now calls are no longer charged by distance, they changed the rules and charge more to call these numbers - they are also not normally included in call plans with bundled minutes. Although cost varies between telecom providers, it is only a few pence per minute and nothing like the major 3 digit premium rates that the program was scaring everyone with.

I am currently considering a freephone number but I am not sure how many people that will help given the number of inclusive calling plans now in use. If you have a view on this, please email me:
Dave Peters
DP Software
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