Continued updates

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Continued updates

Postby DPSoftware » Thu Jan 31, 2008 6:07 pm

I am often asked if development of Cross Stitch Professional for Windows will continue in the future. The answer is YES, of course. I found an old floppy disk this week which had xstitch version 0.2 on it - dated January 1992. Well the program has come a long way since that 16 colour cross and 3/4 stitch program of 16 years ago.

During 2008 I will be working on any suggestions that are made in the suggestion box on this forum. Also I hope to improve the image editor that is used to edit images prior to conversion to stitches. The first support for multiple threads/processors will be placed on the upgrade website shortly. I decided as this was a major change that it would not be released as an auto-upgrade until I return from holidays on 9th March but those wanting to try it as a beta release can go and download it next week. For those that haven't read the post on that, it will allow updating of the used colour indicators and pattern used width/height in real time as opposed to having to redraw the screen. It does this by creating multiple program threads which run at the same time and on dual/quad core processors, even on different processors.

There will also be support for many more digital camera RAW formats - probably at the same time as the multi-processor release.

Also being worked on are libraries for different stitch types and pictorial Alphabets (add-on).

The current version is happy on both Vista 32 and Vista 64-bit operating systems (as well as 95,98,ME,XP) however it is hoped to produce a special 64-bit version to take advantage of the speed and memory abilities of Vista 64 and subsequent Windows versions. Dates are very preliminary at the moment but most likely towards the end of 2009. Whilst this is not seen as critical at the current time, we know from the history of Windows 3.1 16-bit that once the next generation is released, it is only a matter of time before new machines are produced that can't run the old software. This development should see Cross Stitch Professional for Windows running on the newest machines for many years to come.

There will be some improvements to the Machine version this year too. Expect things like more stitch types, real-tme viewing of jump-stitches and design splitting for designs bigger than the machines hoop.
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