Germany subscriptions no longer available

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Germany subscriptions no longer available

Postby DPSoftware » Mon Jul 04, 2022 12:22 pm

The German government has decided that auto-renewing annual subscriptions are no longer legal and so update subscriptions are no longer available for German residents.

Customers in Germany can still purchase 1 year or 5 year fixed term access to updates with the 5 year option working out at the same price as 5 years of subscription - although these prices may have changed by the next time you purchase unlike the subscriptions which lock in the original price.

There is also a lifetime updates product which is the price of 10 years.

For purchase options after the free 1 year updates, see the Help menu - free updates - options on Internet. This will show the options for your particular version.

It is not clear if the purchase block for German residents will prevent existing subscriptions from renewing. If you want to ensure your subscription does not renew either email or use the special unsubscribe link on the purchase page.

If you are invited to renew an older subscription, you must choose to continue with the annual version. Choosing the monthly version offered by MyCommerce will result in cancellation as the processing costs exceed the subscription price (you will get the first month purchased). We have no powers to remove this option to convert to monthly. If it does not let you checkout then unfortunately you will need to purchase one of the fixed terms above.

All complaints to the German government please ! So much for the EU common standards.

Note all users can email to cancel a subscription or you can login at if the payment has not already been taken. DP Software can refund an unwanted subscription up to 1 month after it is paid. Access to updates expires 1 month after the last paid subscription expires.
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