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Postby yanika » Sun Mar 28, 2010 7:42 am

I once spotted a piece of artwork that was painted in the late '60's as a promotional thing for the Hormel company. It was on canvas and it was like 3 feet by 5 feet. It was an abstract painting of a hot dog walking down the street, in platform shoes, and a cloud with a propeller on it trying to lick the hotdog. The painting was sitting on top of a cooler in a meat market, and the owners basically forgot about it. I offered them $50 for it and they said they didn't know. A couple of weeks later, I offered them $100 for it, they chuckled as if they were flattered and said "no". A few months later the painting was gone, and one of the guys who worked there, said they put it in the basement. He also said someone accidentally poked a hole in it while moving a table. So now I have been seeing a painting that is abstract and shows a sunset of blue, with a deer and a rabbit holding hands, walking down a road into the sunset, with a blue house in the woods. I offered to buy the painting, that sits in a coffee house and they said it wasn't for sale. If I stole that piece of artwork would it be worth more money?
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