How to create or update thread charts/color palettes?

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How to create or update thread charts/color palettes?

Postby lmantei » Mon Feb 01, 2021 8:17 pm

How can we update current color charts (palette) in Cross-Stitch Pro, or even create new charts for other brands not listed? The DMC thread chart (palette) is outdated, last version is 2011. The current palette in the program has only 454 colors; there are now 506. It would be helpful if the color charts were in .txt file format rather than .rng (your proprietary format) so that we can update these charts on our own when new colors are added, or delete colors when they are discontinued. Also, I do machine embroidery so use a thread brand that is not even listed, I could add this thread chart to color palette if the program read .txt files rather than your proprietary .rng file format. I use Embird embroidery software to stitch out machine embroidery designs. Your software allows me to convert my cross-stitch designs to use in my Embird software so I can machine embroider rather than hand stitch; however, since I use a different brand of thread, I'm not able to use those colors when creating my cross-stitch design in Cross-Stitch Pro. This is a major inconvenience.
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Re: How to create or update thread charts/color palettes?

Postby DPSoftware » Tue Feb 09, 2021 4:22 am

You will find colour updates here:
Use your registered users ID and password
There are several DMC ranges depending if you want the colours only available in some countries. The current standard range is 482
Variegated colours are not currently represented.

If you go to the settings menu and choose "Edit master colour ranges" you can edit existing ranges and create new ones.

In the colour range editor, there is a menu. Go to Range menu and you will find Import and Export to both RGB and CMYK colours. These files are text files with either tab or comma between data. Each line is a colour number and name followed by red, green, blue values or Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black values. If you export an existing range you will see the format. It is easy to open in a spreadsheet to modify.

Entering CMYK values is only really of use in the Publisher version where they can follow the design all the way through to the exported charts without any conversions but the program does convert all RGB into CMYK for the colour range file.

Note you can only import a file with a name not already used.

For small changes it is easier to find the colour in the range editor and modify its name, number and colour. Buttons on the left act on ranges and buttons on the bottom act on colours.

You can send in shade cards to have them measured in (made from the real thread). There is no charge but you have to mail them to me in the UK. I can return on request or can keep to answer future queries:
25 warren Close, Bradley Stoke, Bristol, BS32 0BP, United Kingdom
If customs form asks for my EORI number it is GB691934889000

Our measurement instrument needs at least 6mm x 6mm sample so cannot do single strands of blending filament.
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Re: How to create or update thread charts/color palettes?

Postby ladylike4 » Thu Dec 23, 2021 10:50 pm

The link here makes you sign in, but it doesn't seem to let me sign in. Is there some trick to seeing that page? I would like my charts to include the 25 new colors. I don't think they are going away.
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