How Many Skeins to buy

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How Many Skeins to buy

Postby Stalter1910 » Tue May 31, 2022 3:45 pm

How can I print a report or info sheet that tells me how many skeins of each color to buy for a pattern?

thank you
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Re: How Many Skeins to buy

Postby DPSoftware » Mon Jul 04, 2022 11:42 am

On the Info menu, select "Thread lengths". The click the lengths button to generate a table of lengths. The default measurements are meters.

You can change the lengths to other units by clicking the formula button before you create the table. Just enter the number of stitches you can get from your unit length against the count of fabric you are using. So for an 8m skein, divide all the supplied numbers by 8. For a 10m skein, divide by 10. If you make kits with 20 inch lengths then divide the numbers by 2 (technically 1.97).

If you change the formula then you probably also want to change the title of the length column so it no longer says meters.

You can also print this table with your pattern by checking the box "add thread length page" on the area tab of the print dialog. If you haven't already created the table, you will be taken to the thread calculator before printing. If the design has changed then you will be asked if the table should be updated.

It is also possible to edit your key template and make use of additional "tokens" to get lengths displayed in the main key or in your own custom tables. See the Whats new menu items on the Help menu for details. Almost anything is possible with some work which you can then apply to other designs or to your default.xsp blank design template for new designs.
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