Large chart problems. PDF creation and editing

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Large chart problems. PDF creation and editing

Postby XStitchGal » Wed Jun 09, 2021 5:18 pm


I have a large chart that I've created for a pattern (1037 x 1200 !!) and I'm now trying to get it into pdf format so I can use it in Patternkeeper.

But I am having difficulties.
a) Exporting it to patternkeeper using the export function doesn't seem to work. When I try to download it into PK, the file seems grayed out and I can't import it in.
b) When I try to print it to PDF, I am only getting the cover page with the artwork on the front, and not the chart. Help? I can't wait to start working on this!

Also, I'm not sure that many people have done charts this large (I'm a bit weird that I like massive charts)... so here are a couple of things I've also noticed as being issues.

On viewing the frame, it only loads a tiny few lines at the top and then the rest is just the background fabric. It's like it couldn't cope and just said, Nah bro.

On viewing the chart at 100%, it only loads part of the chart, the rest being stuck as background again.

Also, I reduced the number of colours from 150 to 120... and I found that it had deleted some colours without replacing them, so I was left with empty unstitched squares which I had to go in and manually correct.

Help would be MUCH appreciated, thank you!!!
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Re: Large chart problems. PDF creation and editing

Postby DPSoftware » Mon Aug 09, 2021 9:35 am

Some of these may have been covered by our emails:

a) If the pdf is correct but Patternkeeper does not import as expected then you would need to ask the company that produces it. Possibly it has limits on the grid size.

b) If you print to pdf instead of export then you will get a separate file for each change of paper orientation. Either turn off the cover sheet or set the cover orientation the same as the chart.

There is a problem with "View in frame" if you have the zoom set to 100%. Even with such a large design, if you set zoom 200% before you generate the framed image, it will work. It might take a few seconds as it has to process over a million stitches.

I am looking into the problem drawing very large designs at 100%. It might be that it takes so long that the programs automatic crash recovery is triggered and the draw does not complete.

If you have a design that will leave empty stitches when I reduce colours, feel free to send it. I am thinking it might be a similar problem to the drawing at 100% so applying the same solution may solve it. I haven't tested yet but I think if I turn off the crash recovery it should reveal the problem.
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