Information for Avast antivirus users

Avast antivirus has a feature which detects unrecognised programs and suggests you run them in the Sandbox. If you do that, there are a couple of implications:

1) Your program will run slowly and graphics items will not draw correctly resulting in a poor user experiance which is not representative of our software.

2) If you run any software in the sandbox then any files you create are deleted when the program exits and any settings changes will be removed from the registry. We have users that complained our software didn't save their files permanently and eventually we found it was because they were using the sandbox ! Since the demo does not save, this only really applies to the full version.

You can use the sandbox to verify that our software will not damage your computer but please do not base your opinions of our software on your use with the sandbox as its the sandbox that causes the problems. After you are satisfied there are no risks running our software, you should run it outside the sandbox.

What is the sandbox ?

Just like a childs sandbox, its for playing and not real work. Anything you do in the sandbox is erased and the next program run starts with a fresh version of your system. In effect you are running your software on a virtual machine instead of your real one. The idea is that if you run malicious that wipes out your system, you only wipe out the virtual machine and nothing on your real machine can be touched.

The above picture shows the warning given by Avast security software. As you can see the advice is to run in the sandbox and although it does warn that you will lose your saved data, it seems that some users still think it must be good advice as it comes from their security software. You need to change "Open in sandbox" to  "Open normally".


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